Documentary film | IN/DE 2020 | 56' | English/Kannada OV with English subs

“Sex is what you are born with, gender is what you recognize and sexuality is what you discover.”
Words of a Hijra

For generations, our limited understanding of sexual orientation and gender fluidity has tampered with our idea of equality and freedom.
‘Prayana’ portrays, in an intimate and evocative way, the arduous journeys of members of the Indian transgender community and  addresses the struggles of gender dysphoria and conventional mindsets.


Director                                                  Michael Maurissens

Cast                                                          Prya

                                                                  Sana Suman



                                                                  Kalki Subramaniam

                                                                  Shilok Mukkati

Cinematography                                    Michael Maurissens

Editing                                                    Michael Maurissens


Producer                                                CARRÉ BLANC PRODUCTIONS

Funded by                                              Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore

                                                                  Hannchen-Mehrzweck-Stiftung Berlin


Supported by                                        TXKöln

                                                                 1.Shanthiroad studio/gallery

                                                                 Sahodari Foundation

                                                                 Solidarity Foundation

                                                                 Sree Saraswathi Thyagaraja College


Screenings                                             Cuzco Underground Cinema Festival - Peru