The piece was visually staged for the reception area of the Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum in Cologne, integrating the architectural particularities and structural elements.


multidisciplinary performance | 80′ | DE 2011

DANCERS grants a look behind the scenes, beyond the stage and the boards that make up the dancer’s world. Internationally renowned ballet dancers from Brazil, Cuba, Russia and France open up a glimpse into their lives in a composition of dance, video and sound art.

The close connections between life path and expression through dance become clear. The complex links between the dancer s personal situation, cultural background, the artistic understanding of the dancer’s role and the motivation required to accept its high demands are introduced. Simultaneously the question of how to deal with the end of a successful career and the beginning of a new chapter in life is broached.

Artistic direction Mateo Klemmayer and Michael Maurissens
Video Michael Maurissens
Dancers Ludmila Campos Royal Ballet of Flanders, Pascal Molat San Francisco Ballet, Anna Polikarpova Hamburg Ballet, Daniel Deivision
Dance portraits Ludmila Campos/BRA, Taras Domitro/CUB, Pascal Molat/FRA, Anna Polikarpova/RUS, Evgenia Obratzsova/RUS Kirov Ballet, Alexandra Korshunova (Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet)


    Media scenography
    Academy of Media Arts Cologne

    Project leader
    Heide Hagebölling
    Luis Negron van Grieken
    Michael Maurissens

    Gonzalo Rodriguez

    Gerald Schauder kabelton

    Live Video
    Luis Negron van Grieken

    Video Documentation
    Gonzalo Rodriguez

    Gabriel Venegas, Kuai Auson, Michael Maurissens

    Heide Hagebölling

    Marketing/ Project management
    Sabine Schunk

    Bärbel Junk

    Project coordination KHM
    Maren Mildner


    Project ‚Tanzkulturen der Welt‘
    Ulrike Nestler

    Events management
    Oliver Lueb

    Event technical director
    Lukas Hofmann ( yaaye! Music )
    MLS MAGIC light + sound gmbh


    Produced by

    In cooperation with
    Academy of Media Arts Cologne KHM/
    Lehrbereich mediale Szenografie
    Museumsgesellschaft RJM e.V

    Funded by
    Kunststiftung des Landes NRW
    Bezirksregierung Köln
    koelnballett-foerderer e.V.
    Ministerpraesidentin des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen
    JONAS Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
    Polymeroptix / Polymeroptix uk